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Welcome to our page !!


  We hope you enjoy looking at a few photos of what we have been doing since September.




We planted sunflowers in our last term at school. Here are some of them. The tallest one is 2 metres 60 cm! The shortest one was 60 cm!



Here we are filling our bug hotel with some of our Autumn leaves and nuts. 






We dug up our school garden which unfortunatley went wild during the summer months. 

M.Máire enjoyed the good crop of potatoes.


Jersey Day in aid of Goal

Games from Long Ago

In our history we were learning about the games our parents or grandparents learned when they were young.

Cards was very popular and still is. We played cards in small groups and taught each others games we learned from home.


We made 2 D Shape pictures in art, after learning about 2D Shapes in our Maths


**Happy Halloween **




Food Dudes came to school  Nov 8th - 12th - we loved trying out all the different fruit and vegetables. 



Science Week 

Robyn showed us how when you mix an acid with a base they react and cause a little explosion of bubbles...she used vinegar which has acid in it and baking soda which is the base. 

Here we put skittles in a circle and poured warm water into the bowl...the colours from the skittles released and formed a lovely rainbow effect, 



Danny brought in two balls of different size to demonstrate Energy and Forces. First he bounced the balls separately and we saw that the big ball has a bigger bounce in comparison to the smaller one.

By putting the small ball on top of the bigger ball and allowing them to fall to the ground allows the bigger balls energy to be passed to the smaller ball - which then makes it more powerful. 

Keelin is showing us the Gummy Bear experiment. You place jelly babies into a bowl of water and leave for a few days. The water will slowly go into the jelly babies and make them swell up to a bigger size. 

CJ showed us how fire needs Oxygen to stay lighting. He poured water into a bowl, lit a candle and then put a glass over it. When the oxygen within the glass was used up by the flame of the candle, the flame went out. Water was sucked upwards into the glass then as the flame tried to get more oxygen.




At the start of the week we got five slices of bread and we treated them in diffferent ways to see what germs are around us.

As you can see - the bread that was touhed with all the classes hands and the bread that was woiped on all the door handles showed up as most mouldy!! 

The one touched with sanitized hands was next, followed by soapy water. The clean and untouched bread still had no mould on it after two weeks!


Some of our Spring Art 




First Confession

 Congratulations to our Second Class children who received their First Confession on April 28th.











Term Two

We are finally back in school after our extended break at home - and we couldnt be happier.

We have been very busy!


Our First Communicants made their First Confession on April 21st. 


We went on a lovely nature walk along the old mass path behind the church and around Fr Joes house. We were looking for signs of Spring






Practising our Tables on our Ipads




Creating lovely Mothers Day Art





Planting Vegetables

We planted some vegetables in the classroom on Wednesday 10th of March. We sat some Red Lettuce, Golden Wonder potatoes, Carrots and some Beetroot. We'll be taking good care of them over the next few weeks and look forward to watching them grow.







Lá Féíle Phádraigh Daoibh!





On June 14th we had a fantastic Fun Day!





Term One

We went on a nature walk around the church, Bianconi chapel, the old mass path and back home through Fr. Joes.

We were looking for all the signs of Autumn.. We had great fun catching leaves.


Some of our Art works






We have completed Maths Trails and Nature Trails around the school grounds.





Maths Stations 




Ice-cream ...What a lovely surprise!



First day out on the Astro!





Science Week







County Colours Day in honour of Bloody Sunday and our Tipperary teams playing.



Our Christms Elf 'Corkie' has arrived to keep an eye on us for December!

Now the weather has turned frosty and cold we have started to feed our birds. While the two girls were hanging out their feeders a Robin was waiting nearby for some nuts.



On December 10th we had a very special and exciting Zoom call from Dabby the Elf!












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