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Gold Incredible Edibles School Award

We have been awarded the Gold Incredible Edibles School Award for completing Agri Aware's 2020 Incredible Edibles programme. Last years 1st class and 2nd class took part in this programme. They thoroughly enjoyed completing this project as it was something they are all really interested in. The whole family was involved from the earlier task of learning the foods orgin. Going into the supermarkets and exploring the aisles to see which produce was Irish grown, as well as going through the fridge and cupboards at home. It definitely educated the children as to what was available on our own county and country. 
We visited the local Butcher's Daughter Factory and it was so beneficial and enjoyable to all the children. Planting our vegetables and watching them grow was exciting for the children. Because of the pandemic the children really had to take responsibility for their vegetables and they did this with great enthusiasm. It was nice to see even our SNA's getting involved plus Ms. Tina.


Green Flag

The Green Flag initiative is an Internationally recognised programme which aims to promote environmental awareness through education and acknowledges long term, whole school action for the environment. 

Here in Ireland, An Taisce oversees the whole Green School programme of which our school is a part of. 

Participating schools can earn a green flag for different themes. The themes are: -

  1. Litter
  2. Energy
  3. Water 
  4. Travel 
  5. Biodiversity 
  6. Global Citizenship 

To achieve a green flag schools must work through the "seven steps" for the theme. The "seven steps" include setting up a Green School Committee, completing an environmental audit, forming an action plan, monitoring and evaluating work, completing curricular work and informing and involving the local community. 

Once successful, the school can then move on to the next theme, while also maintaining the previous flag. Renewal of the Green Flag occurs every two years. 

Our Green School Committee is made up of one representative from each classroom from Juniors to 6th class.   

We are delighted to be celebrating the arrival of our Biodiversity flag this year. Two years work went into this flag. A huge thank you to the committee of both years. The slogan we chose for 2018/2019 was Life is Nature and Nature is Life. The slogan for year 2, 2019 - 2020, was Biodiversity is key for Nature, You and Me. 

Over the two years the school created a garden with wild flowers, planted a variety of vegetables and trees. We created a bug hotel, put up bird feeders all over the school and created a booklet on the results of our bird observation. 

We had a specific project done on bees, which involved a class visit by Elaine O'Dwyer, parent.

This is our 5th Green Flag.

Our 1st was for Litter/Recycling (slogan - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).

The 2nd was saving Energy (slogan - Switch and Save).

The 3rd was reducing our water usage (slogan - Stop the Drop).

Our 4th was for Travel (slogan - It's cool to carpool or walk to school). 

Congratulations and a big thank you to all involved. Please god our younger generation will carry all they have learned from doing this projects into their homes and lives going forward. 



Green Schools - we have been busy making bird feeders and learning about alot of the animals and plants in our local environment.


Healthy Eating

In our school we operate a healthy eating food policy. Our aim is to lay the foundations for life-long healthy eating. 

We communicate consistent messages about healthy eating through all aspects of school life - classroom, curriculum, school breaks and lunches.

We participated in the "Food Dudes" programme to encourage children to eat fruit and vegetables and hold Healthy Eating week each year. 

We encourage parents and/or guardians to vary snacks as much as possible with emphasis on fruit and vegetables. 


School Library

The BOM of the school have funded the setting up of a small school library with a graded reading scheme, which we hope will encourage reading as a pastime.

Pupils will be put on a level suited their ability to work from. Pupils will take home these books in a plastic pocket, so please look after them as they were expensive to buy.

Christmas Shoebox Appeal



This year the Christmas Shoebox Appeal will be online this year due to Covid-19.

Presentation of our new set of School jerseys to M. Máire.


Performances and project undertaken over previous school years


For Cashel Arts Festival we made lanterns

RSA - We had a visitor from the RSA who spoke to us about road safety



Grandparents' Day 

To acknowledge the great work that grandparents do, and the important role that they play in the lives of their grandchildren; the school hosts Grandparents' Day every year.  

The grandparents visit the children in their classrooms. The children ask questions on various topics and find out so much about their grandparents' lives when they were young, and the differences to life as a child today.  The children sing and some play their tin whistles or recite poems.

After all the fun and games in the classrooms are over the grandpaents enjoy some light refreshments with some produce baked by the pupils.   

Grandparents' Day is always an exciting, enjoyable and memorable day for the children and their grandparents!

Junior Entrepreneur Programme


Dear Parents and Pupils,

We would like to thank you very much for supporting our company 'To Dye For'. In total we have made 130 tie dye t-shirts. We have now reached the end of our Junior Entrepreneur Programme, which we really enjoyed and look forward to receiving our flag. Please take note to wash your t-shirt separately for the first few washes to remove any excess dye. 

Thanks from: To Dye For (5th & 6th class)


Peace Proms Choir


For the first time, St. Isidore's N.S took part in the Peace Proms Cross Border Orchestra. Huge thanks and congratulations to everyone who performed in The Kilkenny Peace Proms 2018. We are in total admiration of all teachers for the incredible work they do and we want to thank everyone who contributed to four fantastic concerts at the HUB, Kilkenny. Congratulations to all the children for their sparkling and brilliant performances!! The benefits of learning music, singing in a choir, performing, being part of a large scale production, and education outside of the classroom are well documented. We hope that the children had great fun and will have wonderful, positive and lasting memories of this special occasion. We hope that they will carry the messages expressed in the songs with them throughout their lives. From environmental awareness to aspiring to do their best throughout their lives. We hope they will always ‘Reach for the stars’ ‘Climb every mountain,' ‘Get back up again’ ’Try everything’ ‘Go far’ and always make their voices heard. We also hope that the experience of singing with a full symphony orchestra, exceptional conductor and soloists, will strengthen their confidence and inspire them to participate in musical projects throughout their lives.

'Remembering 1916.'

The first and second class recounting the story of

how the tricolour came to Ireland.

The children sang The Galty Mountain Boy

while playing guitar and this was  followed by

an excerpt from the oration at the grave of O' Donovan Rossa.


The junior and senior infants presented a commemoration

of the events of World War 1 .


The  fifth and sixth classes portraying

  the events of Easter Week 1916


Third and fourth classes recounted the

immediate aftermath of The Rising.


The pupils gathered on stage for a medley of songs from the production

and a rousing rendition of Amhran na bhFiann.


Our Proclamation


Irish citizens and those new to our shores: We gather by our flag, in this year of 2016,            enjoying the freedom, hard won by our forefathers.

We remember with thanks the sacrifices of those who gave their lives for our right to self- determination. We now declare the right of all the people of Ireland, to enjoy, care for and respect our beautiful island, its trees, rivers, land, air, animals and as yet unknown natural resources.

We hereby state that all of us have an obligation to guard this right for future generations.

Irish citizens must continue to be allowed equal rights and opportunities. All children of      the state must always be cherished equally at home, at school, in hospital and beyond.     Generations to come must be sheltered from the modern threats of technology, drugscrime and celebrity culture.

Irishmen and Irishwomen should be afforded equal opportunity and access to all areas of life: business, political, secular, religious and educational.

We state that every person has the right to work for a living and it is the duty of our government to ensure that this happens.

May we continue to foster a love of our traditions of music, dance, games, literature and language.



Hallelujah Young Voices Choir



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